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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 49 – What’s Done?

‘Gratitude Expressed is conclusive.  This appreciative practice calls for celebration.  Receiving ‘What’s shown up’, we realize ‘I’m done’ transforming.’….The Practices of QuintessentialYou

Dream Big, Janet M. Mueller

‘What’s done?’ can be a funny question.  The most immediate response is one that lists tasks finished and goes on to delineate those still to be completed.  But what if this simple question has nothing to do with action taken or effort exerted?  What if the question is applied to desire identified?  In this context, ‘What’s done?’ takes on a whole new meaning, requires a whole new response.

In relationship to desire, ‘What’s done?’ is the experience of fulfillment, the physical knowing of the desire in existence… with no caveats or conditions.  This is different from not ‘worrying about it’ or being neutral as to whether something takes place or not.  It is distinct from being ‘detached’ or ‘above’ wants and desires.  This ‘What’s done?’ is intimate, clear experience of the circumstance, thing, or condition fully in existence right now.

In this version of What Is Done the question of material evidence is quelled, for whether or not we see its form or can touch its surface in this moment does not deter our experience that it is so.  That is very different than faith that it will appear or a kind of calm or casualness about whether it will come to pass or not.  Very different!

In the face of this ‘What Is Done’, our living question – our question to live is a little rhetorical.  With desire identified and experienced as fulfilled:

What to do?

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