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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 46 – Ambiguity And Reality

‘The modern world needs people with a complex identity who are intellectually autonomous and prepared to cope with uncertainty; who are able to tolerate ambiguity’…..Robert Havighurst

I have been hanging out with our last living question from Week 45 of 52 Weeks Of InfiniteFulfillment: ‘What will I consciously create?’ Over the last number of days in conversation with two friends, I have been most struck by our human insistence that things are a particular way.  I was so struck by this in fact, that I called a third friend and colleague to engage in conversation about this phenomena.  What is it that has people so hard-wired to the belief that things are absolute?….. that scientific proof is conclusive even when we can be certain that tomorrow that same scientific ‘fact’ will be disputed and dismantled?

My friend and colleague hit the nail on the head I think.  Simply put, she said, ‘We struggle to live in ambiguity’.  If we allow ourselves the possibility that our so-called reality is malleable, that explanation is not black & white, that we source our circumstances, that our individual and collective future is fully within us, life becomes less solid and more fluid than what we are generally comfortable with.

I thought about this with respect to my own existence and its joys and challenges.  I tried to return to old ways of thinking that once had me convinced of the reality of a solid world.  I tried.  I wasn’t very successful.  The idea of a fluid world that I am fully responsible for creating is much more exciting, much more intriguing.  It makes me feel alive and engaged as an artist of life!  Absolute takes on a whole new meaning!!

Perhaps the only reality is ambiguity – the only certainty, fluid creation sourced within you and me.

Today’s living question – our question to live is an invitation to explore the gift of ambiguity:

What experience-thought-language is shaping my circumstance?

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