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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 34 – Entering The Final Third Of 52 Weeks, How Will You Participate?

‘And the point is, to live everything.  Live the questions now.  Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.’….Rainer Maria Rilke


As we head into the final third of 52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment, it seems a perfect time  to re-presence the idea behind this series of blogposts and weekly inquiries and to re-iterate the invitation to not only read each post but to participate in the inquiry in your individual life.

Each week includes reflection and thoughts on a topic that has arisen through my work in QuintessentialYou Design.  In writing on the topic, an inquiry emerges.  This question is posted at the close of each post.

With the question comes an inherent invitation to participate with the QuintessentialYou community by living the question.  Living the question does not mean answering the inquiry from an intellectual or thoughtful place.  Rather, this is an invitation to live the question in your day to day life, be disciplined in your noticing, and allow life itself to lead you and to reveal ideas and answers specific to your life and relevant to you.

In my experience, having my community participate with me makes for intriguing conversation and rich development, individually and collectively.  Sharing the conversation expands the conversation and its impact.  So, I invite you to invite others to journey with you and to tell us about your exploration experience by adding your comments to the site.

This week’s question to live – our living question asks us to consider our own approach in life:

How do I participate in my own InfiniteFulfillment?

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