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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 33 – We Get The Result We’re Committed To

‘I’m noticing I get the result I’m committed to’

Receiving and Giving are inextricably linked.  For giving to be relevant, there must be a receiver.  For receiving to be appreciated, a context of giver must be held.

In giving and receiving, a state of being is called forward.  The state of being associated with each of these differs one from the other.  They look distinct and yet they act as one – the giver gives – the receiver receives, in turn giving back to the giver – an infinite movement back and forth, in and around.  If the cycle stops at any juncture, the movement ceases and expansion is interrupted, even halted.

We are always both – Receiver and Giver…. and not always present to both.

Beyond the circumstance of what is given and received, through each act we are offered the opportunity of presence to what is here in front of us right now and the chance to experience and express gratitude for the exchange itself.  Each and every time this process completes its round, we are faced with a new frontier, an opening to witness what wants to be seen and acted upon.  There are no exceptions to this.  Our present environment and all its circumstances offer us a chance to see and an invitation to act as a means to receiving the vision we hold.

Where our result is ambiguous, so too our commitment.  There is no escape.  In EveryBody and EveryThing as Receiver and as Giver, through the face of other and the result that is here, we are put on notice to our committment.

Reminding us that we get the result we’re committed to, this week’s InfiniteFulfillment question to live – our living question  asks us to have a look in each of our lives and to consider:

What’s ambiguous?

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  1. Ron Piper says:

    What’s ambiguous? Each of us experiences the world in a unique way. How I see a butterfly on a petal and the meaning I give to it will be different from what you see and the meaning you give to it. This is ambiguity: a pluralistic vision. It’s the richness, made up of the differences, which is at the heart of ambiguity. Ambiguity is what keeps us curious and being fascinated. I can only wonder at how we might feel if we all experienced the world in exactly the same way. Ambiguity is something to be cherished and nurtured. If it weren’t for ambiguity this mutlcoloured world would fade into monochrome. And what, too, of language and especially the metaphors we live by? Think how each of us experience the metaphors that we hear. We all receive them differently and respond differently. The unique dynamic of giving and receiving is shaped by our unique ability to receive and respond.

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