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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 28-Your Essence Emerges Your Form

The degree of our riches is in direct proportion to the degree of our faith’…. Sylvia & Kathy, Arbutus Coffee Shop: Vancouver, B.C., April 2010

It sounds so simple when I write it, but when I heard this statement over my green tea and rice krispie square, it ‘dropped in’ at a level that it had not been absorbed before.   It was like ‘literally…. our degree of faith determines our degree of riches’.  In reading this, please don’t narrowly define ‘riches’ in financial terms as its meaning here covers a much broader scope with respect to the abundance of life at large.

Further conversation on this topic led to further insight… and further experience of the truth of this notion and the process that brings forth these riches, our acknowledgment of their viability, and their actualization in our conditions and environment.

In a phrase: Essence Emerges Form.

Now, this phrase has always defined the framework of QuintessentialYou Design and yet today, it came into sharper clarity and more deliberate application.  I think it became essentially more personal.

In brief, I would record it like this ………

The EXPERIENCE of what we purely desire is inherent.  We know it at a visceral level even before we know that we know it consciously.  With awareness of desire, we are called / required to hold and to absorb its experience.

This holding of experience acts a request for REVELATION with respect to desire.  The idea blocking the desire or preventing its movement progressively surfaces to a point at which it is recognizable and can be intelligently articulated.

With the blocking idea or preventative factor revealed, space opens up for the emergence of FORM that fulfills pure desire.

Essence Emerges Form.

It is process driven not by time but by recognition and integration.

Recognition & Integration of the EXPERIENCE of desire.  Recognition & Integration of the REVELATION of blocking factors.  Recognition & Integration of FORM that fulfills the experienced desire.

As I write and consider this further, it drops in at a deeper level.  Try it on.  Give it time.  Look at what you have created through this very process.

It’s there in the InfiniteFulfillment of your most deeply felt desire.

Our question to live – our living question for this week is connected to your Blueprint’s CommitmentDesire:  QYouBlueprintCommitmentDesire

What is my inherent experience of desire?

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