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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 20-Experience Your PassionPurpose

“We are designed to transcend… It is that mystery which pertains to common humanity…. Therefore, you will never have to ignite your passion to be whole.  The passion is in you already.  It is your birthright.”…John O’Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

View PassionPurpose in the QuintessentialYou Blueprint here.  Note each of the elements in red:  QYouBlueprintPassionPurpose

Passion keeps alive what it is we are fervent about and sustains those places where we always get results.

Purpose is a moment to moment thing.  It calls us to expand to be with what is externalized and surrender to it.  No matter what.

PassionPurpose is constant and constantly evolving.  We can halt our seeking.  PassionPurpose is inherent.  It is active in your life and mine right now and continuously.  There is no escaping PassionPurpose.  We cannot.  Passion and Purpose are linked, each impacting the other with the slightest movement of either one.

Active in our present day-to-day lives, PassionPurpose calls us to be our best in the face of what is here now, what we are doing now, what we have now.  The inquiries that distinguish PassionPurpose are different than what we might expect.  Intimate to the process of InfiniteFulfillment, these inquiries have us look beyond the usual questions of passion or purpose.

This week’s living question – our question to live is part of the process of distinguishing the PassionPurpose of each person’s QuintessentialYou Blueprint:

In a word, what is intolerable to me?

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