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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 16-Experience SkillCapacity

‘Recognize the quality of the soul that appeals to you, and interact with the potential that wants to unfold.’…Deepak Chopra, Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul

Each one of us is the mystery of life embodied.  We are both all the same and completely unique from one another.  We witness individual expression in the world – in our homes and families, our career and work environments, in what we choose as play and pleasure – in every tiny idiosyncrasy that gives  our common form individuality in the landscape of humanity.

This is an obvious and often heard conversation.  Talk of Life as entity in and of ItSelf, as Source, Potential and Mystery is less familiar.  Life continuously unfolding ItSelf  through us puts a different spin on existence.  In this context, every movement of one calls forward the movement of all.

We are both Skill and Capacity in the world.  Through each seemingly personal circumstance and application of Skill, the universal condition and realization of Capacity is impacted……… individually and collectively.

Every combination of Skill and Capacity is required.  At the level of resonance,  these elements are not separate.  There, in the cells of our being each of us knows our SkillCapacity integration.  We have the words that reveal and articulate this integration.  The doorway opens through experience.  Through feeling, it arises, emerges and makes itself available for recognition and articulation.

What do you love doing?  What experience do you relish?  What outcome is always produced through you?  These are the inquiries that weave  the constant, always present offering that is the SkillCapacity of you.

SkillCapacity is fundamental to our InfiniteFulfillment.  Look at the Blueprint elements represented in red that depict this relationship:  QYouBlueprintSkillCapacity

This week’s living question – our question to live is a key to the inquiry that reveals individual SkillCapacity:

What is the offering I bring to every circumstance?

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