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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 15-Experience ChallengeGift

‘You must strive to cultivate a relationship to your own experience in the present moment that makes the unimaginable emergence of that which is new possible right now’….. Andrew Cohen

Our sole.. or perhaps, our ‘soul’ purpose is the awakening, evolvement, and embodiment of the Expression of Essence – the EssenceExpression – we each are.

Every condition and set of circumstances provides us this opportunity.  Each is in some way, a favourable combination of factors for executing and advancing this purpose, whether we recognize it in the moment or not.  Our inherent capacity for being that which is possible is forever being furthered and called forward.

We have access to this inherent capacity through connection with the combination of essential factors designed for our individual fulfillment.  Our willingness to listen to what resonates at the very core of our being opens the door and gives us access to this potential.

We are used to living in an either/or existence …. this or that is essentially how we go through life.  Our potential lies between the two points of either/or.  It lives between the this/that which we already know.  It exists in that place that somehow – mysteriously – integrates these two ends to bring union.  Here, somewhere between – somewhere in the neutral space released from the limits of  each end, something new and fresh emerges.  The relationship between our Challenge and our Gift is no different.  This relationship is steady – always present and eternally drawing these two toward integration.  Through this evolving union, ChallengeGift gives rise to our innate potential With Other and emerges the new and the fresh.

ChallengeGift – an element of the InfiniteFulfillment that is our common humanity.  Look at the Blueprint elements represented in red that depict this relationship:  QYouBlueprintChallengeGift

This week’s living question – our question to live is one of the inquiries that reveals individual ChallengeGift:

Regardless of condition or circumstance, what am I always good/not good at?

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  1. Ron Piper says:

    Each and every interaction with the physical universe is unique and fleeting. And we give each interaction a meaning and endow it with a purpose. We are meaning makers of extraordinary capacity and sophistication. We ‘are’ the meanings we give to the myriad of interactions: we are the essence of them. So what must we be good at? To ensure that each moment and interaction has positive benefit and regard it as a leaning experience. I have taken my mind to this place and, boy, what a difference it makes! I am getting to be good at this and I feel so much better knowing that at the centre of every kernel of experience is an opportunity to travel to new places. I think I have found an essence that works. So what am I not good at? Why haven’t I realised all of this when I was younger. Do you have to have life experience? Surely something this powerful is innate and is hard wired into our neural circuits? We have the capacity: we just have to have the guidance from the graciously created. Theses are truly special people who will be our saviours. I just wish I could be better at connecting with these people.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Something this powerful IS innate and hard wired into our humanness…. and we have to first become aware and then awake to it. Aware, we see and perhaps ‘understand’ from the mind. Awake, we experience it and live it viscerally…a significant difference I think! As for what I am ‘not good/good at’ through all circumstances, this combination is unique to each one of us. We each bring this ‘not good/good’ combination to all the conditions and events of our lives. It is an element of who we each are. It is our very own parentheses in which our potential with other lives. My own ChallengeGift element is ‘cherishing me loving you’.

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