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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 14-Experience LearningYearning

Learning and Yearning are intrinsic to being human.  Generally, we think of these two concepts standing alone – as separate concepts.  What if we look at them as one?  Connected as elements of the EssenceExpression union, Learning and Yearning, basic to our individual and collective humanity, seem obvious.  But what if we consider something new to our idea of these two concepts that we use without much thought on a day to day basis?  What if our elemental Learning is as individual as our DNA?  What if it is linked without exception to Yearning?  What happens if we distinguish Learning as a unique practice inherent to evolvement of the very structure of who we each are?  Learning in this context is cellular – structural – an element of our very Essence.

What if our Yearning is present in the words we speak, even those that we utter unconsciously?  What if it is linked to a Learning  that is fundamental and unique to each of us?  What happens if we distinguish Yearning as individual potential transformed into Expression?  Yearning held this way permeates all our smaller urges and longings – a quintessential element of the Expression that is each one of us.

LearningYearning – each one linked to the other, ever transforming and  evolving the InfiniteFulfillment that is you and me and we.  Look at the Blueprint elements represented in red that depict this relationship:  QYouBlueprint LearningYearning

This week’s living question – our question to live is one of the inquiries that reveals individual LearningYearning:

When I am engaged fully in activity I love, what is my experience?

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  1. Ron Piper says:

    Being engaged fully in an activity is a wonderous feeling. There is nothing else other than the activity. There is a feeling of total isolation which is balanced by an equally strong feeling of connection. There is a paradoxical tension between isolation and belonging which puts you in a place where sensory experience is eclipsed. Some might describe this as a Zen moment. others might describe it as “being in the moment.” Either description is apt and points total engagement and focus as a means of transcending what it is that keeps us anchored in the profane and the busy. But being fully engaged takes time and practice: it is not an accident. Being able to be fully engaged might be described as a form of mastery. And mastery follows from the personal practices that pay homage to body and mind. It is a long road but a very worthy one. It is one that I am trying to tread. I am grateful to writers such as George Leonard and the thoughts he has shared in his book simply entitled “Mastery”. It is a beginning which has sign posted a direction.
    So, my experience of of being fully engaged in an activity I love? Transcendental is one way to describe it. Overwhelming is another. It is currently a rare and exciting experience but one that can become a norm. It’s making the activity the rule rather than the exception that is key. So, in the very act of breathing, for example, become at one wit yourself. Make every activity an opportunity to step into something that is spiritually ennobling. Don’t wait for the exceptional Endow the ordinary with possibility. See how it can transcend who you are.

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