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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment – Living Inquiry & Exploration

It has been great to hear from all of you who have been in touch to ask about 52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment and to confirm your participation.  Please do invite your network to join us for this experience.  All the explorations and inquiries that will be a part of our 52 Weeks are the ground for InfiniteFulfillment of QuintessentialYou.

As we participate in this conversation, we are invited to collaborate with each and every individual expression in support of realizing our resonant potential.

The conversation provides the process, the discipline, and the weekly Inquiry.

Our part is the promise to take the Inquiry to Life and to engage Exploration.

Life provides the circumstances and conditions and offers Discovery.

We take the next indicated step – no more, no less.

The QuintessentialYou Blueprint is each person’s individual context. If we have distinguished and know it, we have a perspective from all the elements that make each of us who we are.  If our Blueprint is not yet known to us, it is our context nonetheless.  We are it.  Distinguishing the inherent perfection that is each one of us, the Blueprint invites us to expand effortlessly: You In World, You With Other, You For You.

One more post before we begin August 31, 2009 – A few more days for us to practice the application of Living Inquiry and Exploration.  In this context, we are asked to take a question to life and to notice how we each live that question.  How do we go about our day to day existence inside Inquiry and Exploration?  What is our experience of Living Inquiry and Exploration?  What is our relationship to Life as an opportunity for Inquiry and Exploration?

The question from the last post (In the experience and circumstance of your life, what is QuintessentialYou?) provided some surprises for me.  I got present to Desire that I hadn’t recognized.  I love my neighbourhood and dwelling place and I am completely astounded to opening new possibility for ‘home’.  I feel quiet excitement!  Did you explore the Inquiry?  What came up for you?

In Practicing Application and continuing to prepare for our August 31st start date, the following question arose.  I am living the inquiry and exploration in my own life.  I invite you to try it on in the life of you:

What is my request of Life?

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