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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 1-Experience Desire

‘I just want to live while I’m alive‘…….Jon BonJovi

Activation: the amplification of energy that induces a process to produce outcome.

Activation in this context is an exciting proposition.  Rather than setting goals or inventing possibility, ‘the amplification of energy’.  ‘How’ in this context is a mystery.  To me, the obvious option is Living Inquiry and Exploration and giving life space and time to do its thing and allow it to show us ‘how’.  I’m up for that.  You?

Last night I was out with a friend and we had a conversation about this initial post in 52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment. We chatted enthusiastically about What’s not perfect with respect to InfiniteFulfillment. As you might imagine, a multitude of factors qualify as ‘not perfect’: recognition, understanding, proof, attraction, appreciation, result, payment, prosperity, etc.  I’m sure you can easily list your own relevant to your own life and circumstances.  Take a moment and distinguish a few.  Avoid ‘explaining’ if you can.  I have found that keeping my responses to one word is key.  It keeps me present to my experience – to what resonates – rather than what I think and figure out through intellect.

In acknowledgment of What’s not perfect, we presence ‘I want’ – our own version, in our own way.  Desire arises in this absence of perfection – essential Desire.

Beginning with focus on the presence and possibility of Desire, my friend and I considered what we want and more importantly what it is that each of these wants would provide.  Ultimately, we noticed that it is more impactful to distinguish what each of our wants would provide than to simply determine what we want.  The secondary question provides the clarity.

In the secondary question: ‘What would each of our wants provide?’, we saw a core challenge of Desire – acceptance – Acceptance of what one experiences as Desire – Acceptance that it is possible.

There is no paradox here.

Acceptance  of what we experience as Desire is possible. Emphasis on experience.

So, here we are Day 1, Week 1 of 52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment –

This is Desire’s exploration – our question to live – our living question with respect to InfiniteFulfillment:

What Desire do I experience?

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  1. Ron Piper says:

    The Desire that I experience and which I believe is a defining part of human consciousness is the ongoing effort to bring together what is imagined and idealised with what is ultimately achieved and materially real. Perhaps this desire should have the status of a proper noun: it seems so vitally important. How might we be ultimately fulfilled by not having to suffer the dissonance between how, for instance, we imagine ourselves with what we actually are? Is the constantly sought after resolution the energy that keeps us in motion?

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