We work with Essence – the ‘Intelligence of Potential’ – to impact clients’ human development, environment, and ventures, ideas, passions, and projects:

People: Express Your Essence.Live Your Expression

“The best word to describe Kathleen is ‘Awakener’. I had the good fortune to work with Kathleen and was immediately drawn to her honesty and positive energy. As I came to a crossroads in my career, Kathleen worked with me using the QYou Blueprint.  The work we did enabled me to discover my true essence. It is my firm belief that I would have reached that place in no other way. Now that this essence has been awakened within me I have been able to define my ‘North Star’. The strategy I am now creating has been inspired by this awakening and I feel more energized and confident than I have been in a long while – thank you Kathleen!  I have had many coaching sessions in my career but nothing compares to QuintessentialYou Design’s approach which elicits your true identity in a way that traditional approaches could never do. I strongly encourage anyone in need of clarity to reach out to Kathleen – this process will open up new horizons and the definition of your true being and its contribution!”
Maria Hudson, Management Consultant

“QuintessentialYou has an inherent and unmistakable integrity to it.  My experience of working with this framework is that I’ve created logical coherence about my life and work….. an internal consistency.  I leave the Conversations present to what is possible and clear about my role in whatever situation I find myself.  Increasingly and on-goingly, I am discovering or more accurately, recovering what somewhere I only dimly knew to be true about myself and the quintessential contribution that I bring to the table.”
Thomas D’Aquanni, Principal, D’Aquanni & Associates Management Consultants,
Morristown, New Jersey

“The brilliance of QuintessentialYou is subtle and powerful. To say QuintessentialYou’s process technology is impactful understates its depth. With my Blueprint as my lens, I am engaged in a way I never knew possible, my world distinct and clear. In practical terms, the experience of ease is present in every area of life.  I feel the joy of being witness to and co-creator of my lifelong desire for simplicity.”
Sylvia Metz, Program Coordinator, Fraserside Community Services Society

“The best discovery for me is through QuintessentialYou’s process and conversation series. Seeing that my biggest successes and breakthroughs occur completely outside of my head has been a phenomenally rewarding realization.  My relationships, my work and my family have benefited immensely from this work – directly or indirectly, but profoundly in each case.”
Bobbie Reilly, Co-op Education, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University

“I am one of the lucky ones who found my way to QuintessentialYou Design and the exploration of my own unique blueprint.  This is brave work, indeed.  Being with the stillness versus the camouflaging busyness that I embedded in my life has been my most rewarding experience!  I am eager to continue exploration of my potential, all the while cradled in the certainty of what it makes available in my life!  Kathleen, I praise your innovation and applaud your commitment to this amazing work.”  P. Collins, Educational Consultant

“What I strongly appreciate about working with Kathleen is a realization that I have been trying to copy other models of being, thinking they are better than my own.  This work had me see that I want to follow my individual path and in expressing who I am, develop a coaching practice that has others see who they are in the world.  My work with Kathleen was extremely powerful on my journey into career coaching.  It has stayed with me for the last several years and keeps me anchored when I get off course.”  C.Rehbock, Graduate-Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Organizational Consultant, & Professional Coach, Berkeley, California

“My work with Kathleen has helped me greatly.  The most important thing I have gained is the realization that wherever I find myself is exactly where I am meant to be.  It took me a long time to fully accept that and stop wishing that something else was happening to me.  Kathleen has been an important part of this great journey and I am grateful for the months we spent together, ultimately creating my own unique approach to coaching professionals.  More about my own inner journey than how I was to coach others, I have now translated who I am into a coaching practice that has me making a living from something I love and am truly meant to do….my own quintessential contribution!  The work of QuintessentialYou Design was pivotal in my getting launched.” 
Linda K. Robertson, Lawyer Coach & Practice Consultant

Organizations: Presence Your Essence.Express Your Presence 

“Attending this course has felt like receiving a warm cup of coffee in the morning. It’s hard to describe the methodology for this course except to say that it is a great opportunity to reflect on one’s leadership style, areas of strength and growth. It challenges you to think about how you “show up” as a leader in your day to day work life, and opportunities for joint learning as a cohort were also welcome.” M. Espinosa, Director, Green Operations 

“This was such an incredible experience. Of the eight-something years of post-secondary education plus continuing ed, this has probably been my favourite course ever. Kathleen is a tremendously gifted instructor and facilitator. I am so sad to complete the first section – it’s like your favourite book or tv show coming to an end.” M. Fitzgerald, Manager, Engagement for Major Projects- Civic Engagement & Communications

“I have found the LeadershipConversation Series to be extremely worthwhile and helpful to my progression as a manager. The course is unlike any other I have done as it is highly personalized and challenges you to take a holistic look at the way you approach situations both in and out of work. The structure of the course allows you to learn from other staff from across the organization and because it is run over the course of twelve months, you can take what you have learned back to your workplace and develop month-on-month.”   E. Lambert, Communications Manager, Media, Corporate Communications

“Kathleen is a consultant with unsurpassed passion and expertise in leadership coaching and development. In the few years Kathleen has been with the City, she has introduced her unique QuintessentialYou Leadership Conversation Series. The 1-year pilot program has been a huge success with new courses filling to capacity as word of mouth highlights the ingeniousness, effectiveness, and uniqueness of the program. Kathleen brings a new lens to leadership training that is multi-year, supported, deeply customized, and highly intuitive. Through carefully crafted exercises, inquiries and group discussions, Kathleen’s participants are immersed in a refreshingly innovative journey of leadership growth.”  A.Baxter, Manager, Strategic Initiatives, REFM, City of Vancouver

Environments: Discover Your Essence.Style Your Discovery

TracyPic“Kathleen’s innate sense of style and ability to read and work with her client turned a decorating consultation into an enjoyable and creatively stimulating project which went beyond having us recognize the design potential of our space to realizing valuable personal insight.”   Tracy

PattiPic“I wanted every corner of my new home to reflect who I am.  Collaborating with Kathleen on the interior finishing and furnishing of my space was a journey in creating the beauty of simplicity I desire in life.  Kathleen’s capacity for listening to what is important to me integrated with her sophisticated sense of design produced the environment I had imagined.  More importantly, my work with QuintessentialYou Design left me with certainty and clarity about intentions for my new home and how to keep fulfilling them over time.”  Patti

Ventures: Brand Your Essence.Live Your Brand

“The entire team at SugarandSugar very much valued the experience of working with QuintessentialYou Design. This process had a profoundly positive influence on the over-all concept, focus, and evolution of our organization. It brought to light and defined with great clarity, what the SugarandSugar entity is and what it is not, where it wants to go, and ultimately, what is its capacity. With a clearly defined offering and a strong feeling of ownership of who we are and what we do, the benefits were immediate, both tangible and intangible. We witnessed a positive financial outcome and a more confident, energized and inspired team. SugarandSugar whole-heartedly recommends QuintessentialYou to any person, project or business seeking to grow in a fundamental way, lead from and live its authentic contribution, and meet and fulfill its potential.”
Jason Sugar, Owner

“QuintessentialYou surfaced our company’s true essence, giving us language to identify and structure what we represent to our community. In a fun, social, and interactive experience, our staff was inspired and energized at the same time as we articulated our offering and its contribution, solidifying our team. The process put us on the same page, established our message, and had us set realistic outcomes moving us in the same direction. For Denman Fitness this was definitely time well spent – a smart investment that will benefit our company for years to come.”
Brenda Johnson, Denman Fitness

“I have had the privilege of moving through the work of QuintessentialYou, which is illuminating!  How one discovers ‘who I am from who I am’ remains a mystery, AND it truly unfolds under Kathleen’s guidance.  Inspired by her work and what it offers, I turned to her in my struggle to distinguish my business, its brand and contribution.  Once again, Kathleen’s gifts of generosity, clarity, insight, and vision facilitated my search. The work we did together has been pivotal in assisting me to gain clarity about who I am, the nature of my work, and how it affects my marketplace.   Tannis Hugill, RCC, RDT, ADTR Registered Clinical Counsellor, dance and drama therapist

“Kathleen, you are an original spark of genuineness, inspiration, and brilliance. Connecting inner work to outer expression, your development themes are now the centerpiece of the work culture at Hudson.”
Frederic Hudson, PhD.,Founder, Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara; Founding President, Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara

Ideas: Inspire Your Essence.Generate Your Inspiration

“We loved the process…and the outcome. Your work is awesome and speaks for itself.”
K. Baker, Entrepreneur               

“With an uncanny ability to facilitate a holding of creative tension, Kathleen’s gift lies in her ability to partner with clients to discover and articulate that spot of grace that resides inside each one of us and all our ideas.” Dr. Todd Pearson, MD, Auburn, Washington

Passions: Nourish Your Essence.Savour Your Nourishment

“In discovering my QYou Blueprint, my work and my life opened up in front of me – it was like everything suddenly made sense!  I was amazed at how easy it was… like having a key to open a door I’d been pushing on for years!  As my Blueprint was revealed, something clicked inside and the impact was instantaneous.  My associates and friends say they see a change in me and in my work.  I’ve discovered that I am the answer to so much of what I’ve been searching for!”  Karen Learmonth, Photographer  

Projects: Purpose Your Essence.Fulfill Your Purpose

“We were completely blown out of the water. QuintessentialYou is one of the most exciting things we have come across in a long time. Intriguing in the way it evolved to capture the essence of what we are, its accuracy was astoundingly correct. It is profound in the way it names what is, utilizing group mind. It lands, it is truth, and you know it. Practically speaking, birthing our QYou Blueprint made an immediate positive impact in our project development and the way in which we work with each other and take responsibility for our organizational offering and our respective areas.”
Health and Wellness Network Support, Vancouver, BC

“We loved the process…and the outcome. Your work is awesome and speaks for itself.” – See more at: https://quintessentialyoudesign.com/work_clients/#sthash.lC9vVv9T.dpuf

“Kathleen is a true ‘change agent’.  Her strong leadership skills, coupled with her enthusiasm, communication, and team building expertise create an exceptionally positive response.  She is a leader and a catalyst with intelligence, energy, and experience that contribute significantly to the success of major undertakings.  Kathleen consistently exceeds high expectations – her own and those of others – and inspires those around her to do the same.”  Larry Jackson, Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Fletcher Challenge Canada