So, you hear the call of potential and experience its innate existence within you – You resonate with a sense of your own possibility and the opportunity that is your seed of an idea, your passionate inclination, and your particular interest. If the desire that captures and compels you is greater than any reason you have for hesitating or postponing, ask yourself these few key questions:

Am I tired of trying to ‘figure things out’?  Do I long to shift to intuition for answers I seek?
Am I willing to inquire and explore?  Do I want to listen and cooperate with the environment that resonates within?
Am I inspired by what my experience tells me is possible?  Can I release what is old to allow for what is new?
Am I ready now at this time and place to express my potential?  Is it essential for me?

If your answer to any one of these questions is ‘yes’……

QuintessentialYou Design has developed a conversation process that enables the shift from ‘figuring out’ to intuition, supports conscious collaboration with our authentic Self, and gains access to our inherent potential and its opportunity. 

Integrating the ideas, relationships, circumstances, and conditions you bring to the table, we work with the subtle elements that reveal your QYou Blueprint. As your Blueprint takes form, your context alters and informs your results. Paying new attention and noticing your experience, you take each ‘inspired next action’ ForYou, WithOther, InWorld. Creativity, innovation, and fulfillment happen here. Results occur naturally and progressively, and people, environments, relationships, projects and visions adjust accordingly.


In the DevelopmentConversation you discover who you are for yourSelf – You ForYou 

Conversations CONCEIVE – CONSTRUCT – PROSPER – SOURCE access your core and essential clarity about who you are for yourSelf–what is fundamental to you, your desire and intentions.  You distinguish what calls you forward as well as what holds you back and through resonance and experience, you articulate your inherent Potential and its development of pursuits that are integral to QuintessentialYou.                                          

In the ApplicationConversation you explore who you are in relationship – You WithOther

Conversations SUSTAIN – NURTURE – TRANSFORM – WITNESS release what is not you in favour of emerging what is truly you.  Integrating and bringing all of yourSelf to every relationship, you come to intimately know and explicitly define Potential in the synthesis of your greatest Learning and deepest Yearning, your most important Challenge and natural Gift, your practical Skill and innate Capacity. As you articulate and appreciate these, you see connections and apply the ‘intelligence of potential’ to take confident expanding steps to create your quintessential future.  

In the FulfillmentConversation you realize the contribution you are – You InWorld

Conversations CREATE – SAVOUR – EMBODY – ENJOY commit to discovery and fulfillment of contribution that is aligned to your innate Potential.  Your valuable return is your investment in yourSelf.  You practice conscious collaboration and witness a progressive match between what you experience as possible and its expression in your practical reality. ForYou, WithOther, InWorld, you recognize accomplishment for which you are uniquely designed – accomplishment that is fulfillment of the quintessential contribution that you are.