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Principle & Driver – The PrincipleDrivers of QuintessentialYou

Through the DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou, we engage in the process of becoming familiar with hidden aspects of ourSelf.  The first part of CONSTRUCT identifies the unique Principles that call us forward as well as the Drivers that hold us back.  This PrincipleDriver paradox exists in each aspect of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint triad: You For You, You With Other, You In World. 

Just as our Blueprint includes IntentionWants, it also contains a set of truths that we each hold about life and beliefs we hold about ourselves.  These truths and beliefs are the lens through which we create our circumstances, source our experience and take action….. whether we are conscious of them or not.

The beliefs we hold about ourselves motivate choices that are NOT conscious.  In EveryBody and EveryThing, relationship to these compelling forces stimulates our Drivers.  Drivers focus energy on pursuit of pre-determined finite results that we believe will satisfy our Wants.

These very Drivers that pull on us are also access to Principles that naturally guide us.

The truths we hold about life illuminate choices that ARE conscious.   In EveryBody and EveryThing, relationship to these basic essential qualities determines our Principles.  Principles expand opportunity for open-ended evolvement designed to forward our Intentions.

Any attempt to fix or escape our Drivers and the circumstances that have them present is futile.  On the other hand, recognition of them and a willingness to experience them fully under these same conditions softens and integrates them with their partner Principles.

This PrincipleDriver collaboration embodies QuintessentialYou. Together, our PrincipleDrivers along with all the elements of the Blueprint  facilitate InfiniteFulfillment of all that is authentically ours to accomplish.

Our PrincipleDrivers are part of who we are.  Innate to us, we cannot ‘look’ for or invent them.  Our access to them is through inquiry and resonance.  Resonance is a visceral knowing – a knowing that is physical and experienced.  It cannot be explained separate from the individual having the experience.  Resonance is the ultimate honouring of our unique experience of existence – of life.

Resonance is key to how QuintessentialYou works.  It is paramount in each and every inquiry and exploration in the DevelopmentConversation progression.

PrincipleDriver is the CONSTRUCT DevelopmentConversation’s first result.  What are your PrincipleDrivers?  What truths and beliefs compete for your recognition and acceptance?

Begin your own journey to QuintessentialYou. Accept the Gift of EssenceExpression, the central core of your QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

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