Kathleen’s Journal:

I AM Work In Progress: A Journey of Essence Emerging Form

This blog is about developing and applying, fulfillment and demonstration of all that is quintessential you.  It is a conversation for realization of our inherent individual and collective potential. Its intention is to support exploration of our Self and our Relationships to discover our unique authentic Contribution in the world.  In lieu of planning and strategizing, it calls us to create and make choices from intuition and to align our actions with resonance.  Ideas and passions, pursuits and projects, ventures and vision…… we need every quintessential expression.  Begin by accepting QuintessentialYou Design’s Gift For You – Discovery of your EssenceExpression – the fundamental ‘how’ and ‘what’ activating your own QYou Blueprint.  Then, follow us on Twitter and through this blog for inquiries, explorations, and discoveries that make your potential your living brand moment to moment, everyday: You For You, You With Other, You In World.


QuintessentialYou Design Operating Paradigm

QuintessentialYou Design Operating Paradigm

A multi-dimensional, dynamic operating system Universal in Essence, Individual in Expression.

QuintessentialYou Practice #8: OpportunitySeized




QuintessentialYou Practice #7: WILLINGNESS TO BE SURPRISED




QuintessentialYou Practice #6: ATTENDING TO INTUITION

This past week the LeadershipConversation Series focused on QuintessentialYou Practice #6: Attending To Intuition

QuintessentialYou Practice #5: BEING OBSERVANT

QuintessentialYou Practice #4: BEING AT EASE

Is my experience of Desire tentative & elusive or is my experience absolute & assured?

Do I Push or Am I Pull?

QuintessentialYou Practice #3: CERTAINTY

Are BOTH my tangible element AND my intangible element clear with respect to Desire?