You know that familiar pull that tugs at you every now and again – the one that reminds you of a secret or not-so-secret yearning… a gift you know you have and long to exercise… or that something you are compelled to accomplish or contribute?

That familiar pull is Potential. Innate to our humanity and unique to each of us and all the ideas we generate, it is what inspires and calls us forward. However, concealed and dormant it makes no difference.

At QuintessentialYou Design, we recognize that a distinct blueprint of potential lies at the source of everything we each create and express in the world.  Discovery of the hidden elements that form this essential blueprint activates our deepest desire, intentions, and authentic contribution. Pulling together and integrating these ‘parts’ that seem separate or opposite, the ‘intelligence of potential’ works to create wholeness and evolve accomplishment of whatever is most precious and important to you.

A proven paradigm, QuintessentialYou Design’s process and practice reveal your unique pathway to realizing potential.  Through this journey of emergence, you travel your personal trajectory from inspiration to consolidation, idea to passion, pursuit to project to venture that captures quintessential you.

This is the extraordinary human journey – Universal and Individual.

‘WHAT’ lives within you, individual and collective, big and small. Working with the circumstances and conditions you bring, conversations of inquiry–exploration–discovery facilitate your recognition of ‘HOW’.

Potential is calling…You ForYou, You WithOther, You InWorld. 

Whatever form it takes … Are you ready to bring it to life?