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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 44 – I AM My IntrinsicDesire

I AM THAT I AM….. the desire intrinsic to my being.

Cascade, Laura Harris

IntrinsicDesire is a fundamental element of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint.  Once distinguished, it is revealed and articulated as an I AM statement.  Seen and heard, this IntrinsicDesire is as individual and familiar as our name, our hands and feet, the breath we take in and out in every moment.  Consciously aware, we can live and move from this place.  It ‘cascades’ our being and contributes to creation of the experience of life that is uniquely blissful to each one of us.

Hidden and silent, we wrestle with IntrinsicDesire, unconsciously trying to figure out how to have it take form, even though we can’t name or explain it exactly.  Inherent and quintessentially who we are, it is inescapable.  It is the individual I AM THAT we each are.

We’ve heard I AM a million times.  We use it daily.  Yet, it wasn’t until a recent reading in the work of Neville and in the phrase I AM THAT I AM that its relationship to the IntrinsicDesire element of the Blueprint made fresh sense to me.

Yes, I AM THAT I AM – THAT IntrinsicDesire that is forever informing every other little and large desire that arises in my being.

This week’s living question – our question to live calls us to consider the IntrinsicDesire we are being:


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