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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 3-Experience Certainty

Ah Certainty….definitive Certainty! Certainty confirms.  Absolute and assured, it answers the question: ‘What is it?’.

Last week’s Inquiry, ‘What am I producing?’ invited us to see that Specificity produces clear evidence….clear evidence of What we Create in How we Say.

Tentative and elusive, what we create can only be a dulled down version of pure Desire.  Disappointment reigns and we wonder why access  is restricted – well, I do – don’t you catch yourself doing the same in the circumsatnces of your life?  It is a common human condition this tentative and elusive experience.  None of us escape it.  It is an integral,  necessary, and perfect component of Certainty – that absolute and assured place of creation!

In the space of Certainty, we experience knowing the totality of expression and essence in perfect collaboration.  As Barbara Marx Hubbard points out  in her book, Emergence: The Shift From Ego To Essence, ‘It is a participatory universe.  …We are designed to know the design and to participate within it, as aspects of it, ourselves.’

Aware or not, we participate as the Blueprint we each are – designed to experience and know InfiniteFulfillment of exquisite and impeccable QuintessentialMe and QuintessentialYou!

On that note, let’s explore Certainty – this week’s question to live – our living question with respect to InfiniteFulfillment:

What experience do I know?

3 Responses to “52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 3-Experience Certainty”

  1. Ron Piper says:

    Just how do I ‘know’ though? Generalisation, trial and error tell us that things will very likely happen. Knowing is really trusting. We trust, therefore, that what happens to us and is coded into the neural pathways that shape our model and map of the world. Is experience little more than another name for our map? And our map is what we navigate the world with: the act of navigating is what we know.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Every one of us absolutely ‘knows’ the experience we are having moment to moment. What if we notice and then have just that experience. Maybe that’s all we need to know. The experience is the experience – What if no navigating is required?

  3. Ron Piper says:

    Is this the experience of being in the moment? The moment when nothing else exists except what you are focused on?

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