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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 26-Knowing YourSelf Is Key

‘You are not all included between your hat and your boots’….. Walt Whitman

We are half-way through ’52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment’.  With a commitment to each person exploring oneSelf and making individual choices that are aligned to our quintessential selves, at this juncture, I pause to re-presence a few things and to re-iterate a standing invitation.

When I started writing this series, I wanted to introduce the elements inherent in the design of human being through the QuintessentialYou Blueprint.  I wanted to share these Blueprint elements which give each of us access to and opportunity for appreciation of ourSelf and how we are each uniquely designed for our individual best life.  I trust I have done that – Yes?

I wanted to introduce the idea of living a weekly inquiry with the intention of exploring and discovering the Self.  I continue discovering  – How’s it going for  you?

I hoped that many of you would take up the standing invitation to discover the core of your own Blueprint through the revelation of EssenceExpression…. and that you would share this invitation with your circle.  To those of you have not yet accepted – Are you still thinking about it?

I hoped that QuintessentialYou’s Community Conversation would grow and that you would participate by adding your own thoughts and comments under each of the weekly posts that touched you or had you question and wonder.  What do you have to say?

I am passionate about this approach and the discoveries it affords myself and others engaged in the process.  Knowing oneSelf and the impact of this intimacy on living and consciously experiencing life cannot be overstated.  It is luxury, sophistication, peacefulness.  It is distinctive ease.

So, as we set to enter the second half of this InfiniteFulfillment journey, I invite you to explore the QuintessentialYou site and share it and to accept the invitation of discovering the EssenceExpression that is yours and yours alone.  Reveal the core of  what makes you You.  Give language to what you experience to articulate the elegant magnetism of you and only you.  And, if you have already named your EssenceExpression, consider the possibility and the potential of expanding your Blueprint to see and capture all that is the quintessence of You.

In person, by telephone, or with a group of your nearest and dearest, give yourSelf the gift of thoughtfully and consciously putting your Blueprint to work for the all that is yours to accomplish as the life you imagine and the experience you desire.

The QuintessentialYou CONCEIVE Triangle

This week’s question to live – our living question with respect to InfiniteFulfillment of QuintessentialYou is focused on our reply to moments of daily existence:

Am I automatic reaction or conscious response?

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