Kathleen Turcic

Principal, QuintessentialYou Design

CreativeArchitect: QYou Blueprint

Kathleen is a ‘potentialist’. With a formal education in the arts, education, and professional coaching and training in the concepts of ontology, human development and behaviour, and adult education theory, Kathleen has several years of expertise and practical application in individual and team development, authentic leadership, sustainable culture and organizational transformation. 

Through all her roles – educator and entrepreneur, business professional and corporate executive, change agent, human development practitioner, and lifestyle consultant – her passion for the ‘possible’ remains deep and focused. Principal of QuintessentialYou Design and the CreativeArchitect behind the QYou Blueprint, Kathleen is gifted in distinguishing the essence that influences and informs who we are, what we create, how we see, the actions we take, and the results we attain. Applying the ‘intelligence of potential’, Kathleen passionately facilitates realization of its expression and authentic contribution in people, environments, and ventures, ideas, pursuits, and projects.  

How Did The QYou Blueprint Come To Be?

The QYou Blueprint came spontaneously and unexpectedly.  It first appeared in a series of intentional conversations with a client.  Through the process of facilitated conversation, the various parts of this individual’s existence came together to emerge perfect and succinct articulation of his inherent potential.  In this client’s case, through the revelation of his Blueprint in its early development, he gained a new sense of himself, his work, alignment of his environment, and his lifestyle.  Recognizing what is core to his fulfillment, he applied his own language and expression to define the elements of his potential and use them as effective cornerstones to his progression and his contribution in professional and personal activities.

From this humble beginning, over the last twenty years through Kathleen’s own and her clients’ extraordinary journeys, QuintessentialYou Design’s process, practices, and discipline have expanded into a body of work that takes individuals and their ideas, passions, and projects on a journey from conception through development to demonstration of accomplishment and authentic quintessential leadership and contribution.